1. Don’t ask me why… I don’t even really like fish.

    ©evaroseboss 2013

  2. She believed she could. So she did.

    Original digital collage ©evaroseboss2013

  3. Identity & promotional material design for the AUT Art and Design postgraduate conference 2012.

    Typography hand-made using modeling clay


  4. ©evaroseboss

  5. ©evaroseboss

  6. ©evaroseboss

  7. ©evaroseboss

  8. A successful morning spent screen printing yesterday- working on concepts for my end of year design exhibition

    "Designers are just like artists*

    *except we have no morals and make lots of money.” (Young, 2012)

    ©evaroseboss 2012

  9. noun German .

    total art work; complete art work; all-embracing art form; synthesizes the elements of the arts. The term is commonly used to describe the integration of multiple art forms.

    Made from Pretzels and Frankfurters

    ©evaroseboss 2012

  10. Ordinary Man

    Hand made collage using bird lore magazine from 1932 and Illustrated magazine from 1954 

  11. Mr Bennet

    Original collage using BirdLore mag from 1932

  12. I recently discovered a note in a Bird Watching magazine from 1932 which read, “return to Mr Bennet”. I’ve composed a series of collage illustrations attempting to construct a persona for this mystery man. 

  13. Hand-made collage using “bird lore” magazine from 1932, and “Illustrated” magazine from 1953

    The black duck was a talkative subject.


  14. Mr. Charlatan Possum- Original character design.

    DPS mock up


  15. So this blog is the accumulation of a bunch of typography experiments, all revolving around the idea of illustrating a ‘status’ or ‘tweet’. Feedback is always appreciated.